Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues play a key role in Servtec’s businesses. We believe that developing an environmentally sound, socially fair and economically viable society is everyone’s role.

Our innovative approach, our commitment to sustainability and our determination to promote social advancement distinguish us from other companies in the power generation segment in Brazil.

We work to fight climate change, encourage an inclusive, serviceoriented workforce that strengthens and develops the communities around which our generation plants are located.

Servtec’s ESG components are not mere accessories. Rather, they form the core elements of our company and guide the way we manage our operations, work with our customers, and conduct our sustainability projects. These assumptions are naturally integrated into what we do, defining who we are and allow Servtec’s compliance with these ESG components to occur naturally throughout the company.

We operate on three main fronts to meet ESG principles: Fighting Climate Change, Promoting Sustainable Development, and Leading with Innovation.

In the environmental arena, we use the best practices and technologies available to preserve the environment when installing and operating our generation plants. The advancement of energy generation from clean sources is part of our ongoing commitment to the environment. We seek to diversify Brazil’s energy matrix through the generation of clean and sustainable energy.

We promote sustainable growth in the regions where we operate by fostering the development of the communities through social projects as well as job and income generation. We believe it is socially incumbent on us to improve the conditions of the communities surrounding our plants. We carry out continuous actions to raise the communities’ awareness of such issues as disease prevention, environmental education, creation of organic vegetable gardens for the population, asnd entrepreneurship courses, in addition to music courses, with the objective of forming a philharmonic orchestra, to name a few initiatives to improve upon the lives of residents and of the future generations.

Good governance is one of Servtec’s pillars. We have adopted policies of good management practices and transparency which have ensured our recognized performance in the market for 50 years.



Social causes have always concerned Servtec’s shareholders. Believing in human development through education, sports and music, the founder of Servtec and his family founded the Beatriz and Lauro Fiuza Institute, which became Servtec Group’s main social responsibility program.

Underpinned by three pillars that allow doing deeds without losing sight of the students, the surroundings, and society in general, sharing knowledge with and working for an ever-increasing number of people, beyond the walls.of the institution, namely: Education, Knowledge Production, and Diffusion.

The Institute tends to 600 young people from Ceará through three programs:

The Jacques Klein Music Program incentivizes excellence in music education complementing the students’ regular school work, while creating positive outlooks, and expanding the students’ horizons.

The institute offers courses on music initiation, in addition to violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, guitar, and choir lessons. The institute also promotes concerts and carries out projects to diffuse classical music in the neighborhoods of Fortaleza and other events, involving the whole society and benefitting thousands of people in our state.

Bushi No Te Karate Program. Its mission is to combine the practice of martial arts with values such as autonomy, social inclusion and citizenship. Understanding the role of karate as a method and doctrine focused on human development and character improvement, the program has a strong influence on the students, linking the practice of sports with the shaping of citizenship with a view to showing new outlooks on life in the context of social inequality. At IBLF, sport goes far beyond entertainment, acting as a disciplinary tool to help overcome barriers, foster respect, instill dedication, and shape values.

“Envolver” Human Development Program. The “Envolver” Program supports the institute’s 630 students and their families by providing regular collective activities as well as referrals to assist with psychopedagogical demands. Most children and adolescents assisted under this program are from lowincome families with low levels of literacy, living located in at-risk neighborhoods. In light of this social context, the program seeks to involve students and their families in the actions developed by IBLF;to strengthen family, community and social bonds, contributing contribute towards building new future outlooks together.


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