Seeking top build a new cycle of investments in the electric sector, Servtec conceived the project of a renewable generation platform, making it possible to bring together several investors who share the company’s values and principles, which include a strong commitment to the Environmental, Society, and Governance (ESG). Servtec’s partner in this project is the renowned US company Franklin Templeton Investments. The association came with Darby Private Equity, a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Templeton that invests in infrastructure projects in developing countries. Together, Servtec Energia and Darby Private Equity co-manage Darby Servtec Energia FIP, the first fund born from this partnership.

The association between Servtec and Darby allowed the formation of a complementary and highly qualified team. While Servtec adds deep technical expertise in the development, implementation and operation of generation assets, Darby contributes its expertise in fundraising, investor relations, transaction structuring and investment valuation. Darby and Servtec share the management of the Fund through their Investment Committee.



The association between Servtec and Darby allowed the formation of a complementary and highly qualified team.

The key team is made up of half of Servtec members and half of Darby’s. Together, they answer for all phases of the investment process: from source to opportunity analysis, technical and financial structuring, implementation, monitoring, value creation and exit management.

In addition to this team, the Fund relies on the support from other Servtec and Darby professionals. These professionals have a variety of roles and are allocated part-time to the Fund all through the various phases of the investment, including: participation in the management committee, review of investment opportunities, collection and analysis of information that is relevant to the Fund, market and regulatory analysis, oversight of investor relationship, among other things.

The partnership already yields results. The Darby Servtec Energia Fund has made two successful fundraising rounds and has materialized several investments. The teams work hard to integrate assets in order to promote greater operational efficiency and thus generate value for our investors.

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